The Momentum Leadership Program, which is a youth leadership development program for high school student in Alexandria, VA will be hosting a shoe drive in the lobby of the Richard Kauffman Auditorium during the run of U-Street. Audience members are encouraged to bring new or slightly used shoes and sandals of various sizes, or sign-up for a future donation. The footwear will be collected and repackaged for distribution to individuals living in homeless shelters in Alexandria, VA. Many individuals who are homeless have limited or inadequate footwear, and especially during the winter months, this is a growing need left unaddressed.

Combined with having resources available for individuals who know someone who is dealing with homelessness, this is another aspect of the U-Street production which seeks to not just talk about change, but getting individuals actively involved in making a change. All of the MLP participants come from families with limited financial means. They are a constant reminder that there is promise for the next generation, as long as they are provided with the right supports.


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