Family that prays together

The arts have always been a great vehicle that brings people together. An interesting fact about the cast is that for us, this is truly a family affair. There are siblings, cousins, best friends, parent-child and mentor-mentee relationships, as well as church members that make up the roughly 30 cast members of the U-Street production. Of note, on the latter reference, almost half of the cast is comprised of members of Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC) in Alexandria, VA. For them this is an opportunity to step outside the walls of the church and use their gifts and talents to impact their broader community.

It has often been said that some of the best talent you can find around town resides inside church sanctuaries and this production will certainly affirm that premise. The production is also an opportunity to show the arts community that there is a viable space for productions with a strong moral and motivational undertone. Several of the ASBC members are recurring performers for the playwright and don’t shy away from taking on roles that may seem at variance to their faith. The theater stage is no respecter of persons as everyone who steps on it becomes exposed and vulnerable for the audience. It is therefore incredibly important to have that consistent family support to help each other become stronger and face the world with heads lifted.


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