“U-Street” on the move

Terry Spann (l) and Christopher Fleming (r) performing an excerpt from U-Street, the musical


On Monday February 22, 2016, the playwright for U-Street, the musical, Jason Ellis, along with two cast members were asked to participate in an event sponsored by Agenda Alexandria. The venue was the Hermitage Senior Living building in Alexandria, VA and it was attended by members of Alexandria City Council, representatives from the Alexandria City School Board and administration, board and executive members of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority, along with numerous representatives from city agencies and community stakeholders. The focus of the event was “Race in Alexandria” which brought individuals from diverse racial backgrounds and life experiences together for a panel discussion surrounding issues of race and discrimination in the city of Alexandria. The event opened with a dramatic excerpt from “U-Street” featuring Terry Spann (Booker T.) and Christopher Fleming (Richard) highlighting a conversation about the importance of continuous dialogue to bridge divides and remove stereotypes. The essence of the piece was to demonstrate that we are more alike, than we are different but we have to step outside our boxes and labels before we can realize that. Race relations was one of several hot topics brought to the stage during the initial run of U-Street,and was seen then by some of the board members of Agenda Alexandria. The subsequent invitation to participate in this critical discourse about race was readily welcomed by the cast and particularly the playwright who is always looking for opportunities to make theater arts more (AIR): accessible, impactful, and relatable. All who were involved were truly honored by the invite and the opportunity to use their gifts and talents for a greater good.

For more information on Agenda Alexandria visit agendaalexandria.com


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